About Us

Photographer: Maggie Carey, 2022

Susan Roemer, Founder/Designer

Northern California-based costume designer, former ballet dancer-turned business owner, with a passion for celebrating freedom in movement.

 . . .

Movement has been a lifelong passion. Dancing around the house, putting on performances in my parents’ basement (with or without an audience!), and studying endless dance videos and books — the train had left the station and was full-speed ahead to a lifetime as a dancer. After a beautiful adventure of a 14-year professional ballet career, I had found a tangential passion that began drawing me in a new direction. 

S-Curve Apparel & Design was born in 2012 after a dance injury forced a nine-month break from dancing, and two-years after that, was running full-time designing costumes for dance companies worldwide. (Check out S-Curve.)

Tangentfit marries the design aesthetic I've cultivated as a costumer with the functionality I have appreciated as a dancer. Dressing professional ballet dancers across the country for the last decade has given me insight into the specific needs of a dancer’s wardrobe and how garments relate to the rigors of their profession.  

A dancer’s focus is always aimed to the performance. Everything they do is in service of mastering their craft. The joy of pursuit powers their resilience, and is why audiences flock to the ballet for a moment of transcendence. 

Tangentfit brings the elevated feeling of performance to your everyday.

Photographer: Weiferd Watts, 2010