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What People Are Saying About Us

“Susan puts so much care into designing pieces that are not only beautiful but feel great to move in.  Her leotards are my favorite that I own, making every curve feel supported and my body ready to move.  I cannot speak enough about her elegant and quality work!”

Abigrace Diprima (Eugene Ballet)

I bought my first S-Curve ten years ago. It is still, to this day, my favorite leotard.  …I literally have worn [it] to 90% of my auditions. It just makes me feel like a bad*$$. 

Marianne Bassing (Oakland Ballet)

I support Tangentfit because it is artist driven, and because Susan’s work ethic and design is excellent!  The quality of her stitching is flawless.  I feel flattered when I try on her designs.  It’s a combination of comfort and elegance all at once.  I love S-Curve Apparel and would definitely recommend Tangentfit to everyone!

Nathaly Prieto (Dayton Ballet and Dayton Dance Initiative)

Quarantining has shown me I actually only wear three outfits, ever.

Tangentfit's Swoop Shorts make that shortlist - comfortable as a go-to, stylish if I need to run to the store, and ready to go if I'm going to do a mid-day yoga break or need to teach a class on Zoom.  

Amy Seiwert (Artistic Director Amy Seiwert's Imagery)

Susan just understands bodies. 

From leotards to costumes, she is always conscientious, meticulous, and attentive to the needs and wants of athletes - providing the confidence, coverage, and vibrancy we all need to feel our best. 

Susan puts the same dedication and commitment into the look of something as she does the feel of something, and that is what makes her a cut above.

Nicole Haskins (freelance choreographer)

In my opinion, Tangentfit surpasses other athletic and dance apparel in its integration of high fashion elements. I ALWAYS feel gorgeous in Sue’s creations.

The fit feels custom, and the quality stands up to the rigorous demands of high level athletes and performers. 

Rachel Speidel Little (SF Opera and freelance artist)