TF HIIT Ballet-Inspired Workout Mix & Match

HIIT workouts have become my go-to, quick and sweaty exercise fix this year. I sneak 20- to 30-minutes away from work/life to keep my body flowing and my mind feeling better. 

I like to keep myself guessing (helps with the temporary mental agony of repeating an exercise for the fifty-umpteenth time...hello frappé combination to the same ballet class playlist song for an entire season), so I either mix and match some go-to intervals on my list, or search for a new video online. And hopefully this cheatsheet can give you one more tool in your “stay fit and fabulous” work belt.

Nearly every time I finish a workout, and am sweaty with heart pumping, I think back to my dancing days and wish I had known to incorporate these types of exercise into my daily regimen. It was an hour cardio and free weights slog at the gym immediately after an entire day of rehearsals - thinking I was doing the right thing to stay lean and strong, but left exhausted and slow the next morning instead. The short intervals of a HIIT workout, and fun, challenging exercises with a time limit are a perfect balance of discipline and just plain, simple whole body motion.

 What to wear, you ask?!

Okay, you didn’t ask. And you likely have a plethora of options for at-home workouts. I mean, a branded t-shirt from that last dance festival you performed in, a pair of comfy sweatpants, ankle socks and hair tie, done. For those days when you’re feeling ready to take on the world, I suggest a slender fitting crop top that won’t pinch or burden, paired with the TF Swoop Short so that you can feel fancy and free jeté-ing through the house. For those
other days (you know, the “I don’t wanna” ones), grab that same crop top (I like it as a supportive sports bra base layer), add a soft tank or tee, and finish with a pair of leggings (we recommend the TF Active Pant with soft gather at the ankle). It’s not a full dance/yoga/Zoom class commitment if you don’t want it to be, but you might just be inspired to move that bod a little!

We’re not reinventing the leotard here. Figure fitting clothes exist for a reason, and we’re here to celebrate how far we’ve all come in enjoying apparel with a purpose. These TF Basics are functional - flowing with your movements, supportive and super comfortable. But they’re also more than your momma’s aerobics outfits, too. With a healthy hint of fashion, you can feel good about catching a glimpse of yourself in that Zoom gallery view.

Now for the The Good Stuff


*I like to use an interval timer so that I’m not staring at the clock the whole time. There are a number of options out there online; the one I use is an app called Interval Timer (you can customize your own rhythm for your workouts).

**Note that these are merely suggestions; be sure to listen to your own unique body and/or your physician or coach.

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